Fiscal Expertise

Candidate’s Fiscal Expertise:

As any graduating senior will do, Ann made application to a number of employers and accepted a job at GAF Corporation in chemical inventory management, after three months at GAF a letter for employment was received from the Chattanooga School system. She decided to stay at GAF because the work was challenging and she was the first African American to hold a job in GAF local office.

After about 18 months at GAF, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) sent a letter offering a job in the Power Financing office. After much discussion with the supervisor at GAF and family, Ann accepted the position at the TVA. The learning experiences at TSU in Business Education proved to be of great benefit in establishing goals and objectives and staying on task. During her career at TVA Ann moved through the ranks to a rate engineer, budget analyst, and finally as a program manager; while becoming effective in policy development, implementation and restructuring.

She developed a long range financial planning model, coordinated and prepared the TVA operating and capital budget submitted to the US Congress, prepared the operating budget to determine the wholesale rate for electricity, and managed a short-term and medium term note program, served as a team member in the issuance of long-term debt for all TVA borrowings (borrowing and repayment of as much as $28 billion annually). She was responsible for the monthly analysis and budget management of a $4 billion revenue stream, which provided a complete understanding of the importance of budgeting. While working at the TVA, Zero Budgeting and Project Budgeting were some of the methods used to allocate resources. These work experiences will allow her to evaluate and make recommendations in the development and analysis of the school system budget and the policies used to guide the work of the school board.

Several years after retiring from TVA Pierre became the CEO of the Church Koinonia Federal Credit Union, a community development entity. During her thirteen years at the credit union the assets and membership increased fourfold. She oversaw the merger of the Bethlehem Credit Union’s assets and liability portfolios, while maintaining healthy financial ratios. Later she worked with the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union to effect merger with the Koinonia that provided more services to the membership.