04 May

Ann Pierre Announces Her Candidacy for School Board of Hamilton County, Tennessee-District 5

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Press Release
May 4, 2018
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ann Pierre a Community Supporter and Organizer Announces Her Candidacy for School Board of Hamilton County, Tennessee-District 5

Ann Pierre a community supporter and organizer announces her candidacy to serve as a member of the School Board of Hamilton County, Tennessee-District 5. Mrs. Pierre has lived in the community for more than 30 years.
After working with her children and their families in the public schools to help them achieve, she was inspired to run for office. Part of Pierre’s campaign will focus on parental and family involvement in the schools.
Pierre graduated from Howard High school in Chattanooga, Tennessee and earned her undergraduate degree from Tennessee State University in Business Education. She later received a Master of Arts in Applied Organizational Management from Tusculum College in Greenville, Tennessee. She retired as senior manager in the Treasurer office of the Tennessee Valley Authority and later as CEO of the Church Koinonia Federal Credit Union. Ann, currently volunteers for local and national organizations.

She is a proponent of establishing community values and believes that each person who touches this earth should receive a comprehensive and equitable education. Ann Pierre holds membership in several organizations that are civic, religious, and fraternal. Currently she is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., life member of the NAACP and vice chair of the national judiciary board of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America.
You will find additional information at that is supported by the Committee to Elect Ann Pierre, Eddy Echols-Treasurer.

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15 Apr

What Is A Good School Learning Environment

What is a good school or learning environment: In a good school there will be respect for the teachers, staff, parents and students? The school will operate as a team. Remember there is no “I” in Team.

A good school will value input from all stakeholders, including the community in which the school operates. Everyone is on board for a winning basketball team, because winning takes team work. If you desire a winning educational system, you must have a great learning environment–professional teachers (coach), dedicated team members (students, family and community). And since we are talking about basketball, you must have a top notch floor on which to play; in other words your school buildings must be conducive to learning.

Education makes a difference for each person and it takes everyone to provide a workable education. “Making a Difference Together” is how a good education becomes an effective education.

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02 Sep

“Making a Difference Together”

As a school board member, I will bring a listening ear and seek input from parents, teachers, and other stakeholders.

As a school board member, I will develop a calendar of meetings with the residents of District 5 and keep the stakeholders informed board issues. As a school board member, I should know the successes and challenges that the District 5 stakeholders have that relates to the schools.

As a school board member, we should work together to make a difference that is productive.

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02 Sep

How Does the School Board Work?

At the end of the day, the school board is responsible for the education of the children of Hamilton County by instituting an education plan through policies and evaluation to measure the work of the board. The superintendent then is responsible for administering the plan to meet goals and objectives through various methods and using people in various jobs. The principal of each school is the one responsible for coordinating the work of the teachers, who are seeking to instruct the students both educationally and socially.

There are issues that are very important when you attempt to determine whether one school, teacher or student has met the established goals. For teachers and students standardize tests are used to measure competency-whether you can go to the next level. Test used improperly assume that all children are equal and all social interactions of the families from which the students come are the same. Some children are good readers, spellers or mathematicians, so if I cannot spell well, but can complete 12th grade math problems in 4th grade does that mean I will be a failure in life? Should the teacher receive a smudge because I cannot spell at a certain level? These issues and others bring complications to testing to determine the quality of education and effectiveness.

A good school has professional teachers, a good learning environment and a physical plant that is conducive to learning.

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