At the end of the day, the school board is responsible for the education of the children of Hamilton County by instituting an education plan through policies and evaluation to measure the work of the board. The superintendent then is responsible for administering the plan to meet goals and objectives through various methods and using people in various jobs. The principal of each school is the one responsible for coordinating the work of the teachers, who are seeking to instruct the students both educationally and socially.

There are issues that are very important when you attempt to determine whether one school, teacher or student has met the established goals. For teachers and students standardize tests are used to measure competency-whether you can go to the next level. Test used improperly assume that all children are equal and all social interactions of the families from which the students come are the same. Some children are good readers, spellers or mathematicians, so if I cannot spell well, but can complete 12th grade math problems in 4th grade does that mean I will be a failure in life? Should the teacher receive a smudge because I cannot spell at a certain level? These issues and others bring complications to testing to determine the quality of education and effectiveness.

A good school has professional teachers, a good learning environment and a physical plant that is conducive to learning.